T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds 2009 – Berlin Final Results

T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds 2009 - Berlin Final Results

The crowd in Berlin at the Velodrom seemed to be asleep during the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds street contest but that didn’t bother the skaters. I still have to get used to the head-to-head contest runs but after all the skating the Europeans took the first three spots with 15-year old Axel Cruysberghs continuing his winning streak and taking home the win.

36 year-old Danny Mayer (yeah man, old men vert skaters!!!) kicked some ass, threw in a mad kickflip McTwist and was able to beat the strong competition for the win. Renton Millar who has some of the best backside ollies and the highest madonnas I have ever seen won the entire World Cup Skateboarding Tour 2009! Videos coming soon…

Final Vert Results:

1. Danny Mayer
2. Adam Taylor
3. Pierre-Luc Gagnon
4. Renton Millar

Final Street Results:

1. Axel Cruysberghs
2. Alex Mizurov
3. Louis Taubert
4. Chris Haslam

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