T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds November 29/30 in Berlin

T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds November 29/30 in Berlin

For the second year in a row the team behind the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds contest series will be returning to Berlin, Germany with the Street Session event featuring top names in street and vert skating (and some really good BMX riders as well) to skate it out in the wonderful city.

Once again the event will take place in the Velodrome stadium which allows the old foogies to sit and the others to get up close to watch all the action and the bands which include The Offspring as the headliner.

Skaters who have already confirmed are Alex Mizurov, Axel Cruysberghs, Tomas Vintr, Louis Taubert, Lem Villemin, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Sandro Dias, Jürgen Horrwarth and Renton Millar with surely more to come. So a load of top skaters, good music and relatively cheap tickets to get in as well – get your tickets at www.t-mobile-playgrounds.de

ATTENTION, FREE TICKETS !!! 3×2 tickets just for sending a mail!!!

If you want to get there for free, just send a mail with your full name and address (if you want the tickets!) with this email form and hope to win!! FINAL DATE FOR SENDING THE MAIL: OCTOBER 15th, 2008!!!

Juergen Horrwarth in Berlin

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