T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds results from Berlin

Got back late last night with a nice bit of flu in my baggage from the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds in Berlin, Germany. The event was in a bike racing dome with both skateboarding and BMX riding going on in street and vert disciplines. The line-up was one that is not seen in Europe every day.

After arriving with my 11 year old son we got through all of the security checks which were going on for whatever reason (living in Europe for such a long time, I am just not used to having myself body searched to watch people skate but that’s life I guess!) we made it in and after getting some more extra papers AND meeting a woman with a special AAA card (whatever that means!!) we were allowed to actually go stand next to the ramp to take pictures. 20 minutes later the announcers said everybody could come down and watch so our very important press pass became quickly very unnecessary. Okay, I had to let that out – I HATE ALL THIS “WE ARE SO DAMN IMPORTANT” BULLSHIT!!!

Right, the skating and biking was great to watch with Alex Mizurov taking yet another contest win home and Andy MacDonald ripping the ramp to shreds with long and consistent lines. Sandro Dias tried to pull of a 900 but it just wasn’t his day on Saturday. I thought it was really funny that some people started asking my son for his autograph. After comparing pictures the just 13 year old Axel Cruysberghs looks pretty much like him! And I’d like to send out a big thanks to Oli Thurau (old mate of mine) who kindly saved me with some delicious wraps!

And one last thing: Pierre Luc Gagnon is unbelieveable. I love the way he drops in as a set-up for some huge air and he does a nollie heelflip, just plain good to watch!

Skateboard Street
1. Place Alex Mizurov
2. Place Axel Cruysberghs
3. Place Dayne Brummet
4. Place Tulio De Oliveira

Skateboard Vert
1. Place Andy Macdonald
2. Place Rune Glifberg
3. Place Pierre Luc Gagnon
4. Place Sandro Dias

Our friends over at Freecaster put up some videos of the final runs, here are the first place runs:

Andy McDonald

Alex Mizurov
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