Tackyworld.com relaunchs its website

Tackyworld.com gets a new website

With the spring season floating around the corner several websites – including Europeskate- have gone ahead of time and carried through a spring cleaning of their website. The latest site that I’ve seen do this is the well organized team of writers, photographers and videographers from up north, Tackyworld.com.

The site has more of a magazine layout to it now with a large teaser image at the top of the screen attracting the reader’s attention and a generally lighter feeling to the site when we talk about the colors, lines and typo. Tackyworld has achieved a nice improvement in my opinion to the last version of the site and with their network around Europe they help keep the skateboard and snowboarding communities informed about what’s going on.

Make sure you visit them at www.tackyworld.com

Tackyworld.com - the website

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