Where The Vox Are We With Dave Bachinsky And More

Just as the title states the Vox Footwear team were travelling and sometimes it’s hard to remember where you are at! Here’s the last part of the Where The Vox Are We? video series featuring Dave Bachinsky, Cody McEntire, Matt Fenell, Daniel Machon and some more talented skaters as they wind up another memorable road […]

Where The Vox Are We? Part 1

Get your day started off well with over 6 minutes of video footage featuring skating by Dave Bachinsky, Cody Mcentire, Matt Fenell, Brendan O’Conner, Sean Hernandez, Justin Clement, John Desimas and John Coyne from the VOX footwear team. Philadelphia and the DC-Baltimore area were visited in this first part of the road trip!

Volcom team tear up the Berrics

The Volcom team get united at The Berrics – check out the video featuring Dennis Busenitz, David Gonzalez, Aaron Suski, Caswell Berry, Lewis Marnell, Louie Lopez, Filipe Ortiz, Collin Provost, Ben Raemers, David Gravette, Rune Glifberg, Darrell Stanton, Cody McEntire, Luan de Oliviera and Mark Appleyard – yeah, what a combination of riders!