Ãœber Skateboards Release Ãœberseries And Laces Decks

Our local skateboard mates in Hamburg from ÃœBER Skateboards have just released two new deck series going by the names ‘Ãœberseries‘ And ‘Laces‘. The Ãœberseries decks are based on 5 different Marvel comics superheros who are “pressed” into the ÃœBER letter U for the graphics. I really like the designs which work great on the […]

Cliché Skateboards and the Résumé Book and Board Series

Cliché Skateboards have come a long way since 1997 when Jérémie Daclin started the company up with just about nothing. 2009 and it’s a completely different ballgame with an internationally renowned team, top videos and expansion around the globe. Putting all of the history behind this amazing development is the brand new 320-page book entitled […]

Ueber Skateboards get a new website!

Nothing goes done better than giving the local skate teams and companies some support for all of the hard work and time they put into supporting the local skate scene. My homies over at Ueber Skateboards here in Hamburg, Germany have finally found some time in their busy schedule to put together a website to […]