Etnies Skate Demo In Hamburg Germany

My hometown Hamburg, Germany has been receiving it’s fair share of skate teams visiting the various skate spots we have in town. Ryan Sheckler, Cairo Foster, Willow, Axel Cruysberghs, Nick Garcia, Julian Furones, Barney Page and Octavio Trindade came this week for the Etnies “Under Your Feet” tour to the indoor I-Punkt Skateland park and […]

Europeskate Skateboard Books – The Impossible: Rodney Mullen, Ryan Sheckler, and the Fantastic History of Skateboarding

Skateboarding: the background, technicality, culture, rebellion, marketing, conflict, and future of the global sport as seen through two of its most influential geniuses. Since it all began half a century ago, skateboarding has come to mystify some and to mesmerize many, including its tens of millions of adherents throughout America and the world. And yet, […]