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new graphics for ÃœBER

Last week I hooked up with some of my mates over at the Hamburger headquarters of ÃœBER Skateboards and Rockers Hardware for a look around their place of business and to dig my prying eyes deeper into what is going on with this fast growing company.

Basically the roots of these companies come from Manuel Weschenbach (editor’s note: Manu, tell me if I got this wrong!) who’s a skater living in Hamburg. He started selling boards through the AllYouCanSkate.com site – which could be another topic to pick up on of course as many skaters have quite different opinions about blanks – and this has evolved into selling trucks, wheels and boards from other European brands.

Rockers team riders

One thing lead to another and the decision wasn’t that far off to use the company’s own printing press to start their own board company, ÃœBER Skateboards. The idea started off in the middle of 2007 with the first boards hitting the market at the beginning of this year. The name of the new brand means “above” in German which could be misinterpreted as being obnoxious but me knowing the guys means that they had a different reason for the name.

Thomas Tröger, the marketing man behind ÃœBER and Rockers tells his view about the company: “ÃœBER stands for being above the rest because skateboarding doesn’t have a language or a country – it’s just more than that. ÃœBER is not a German company. We see ourselves as a European brand. That’s why our boards are printed on the top in five languages. Actually, the name was inspired by Willow as he uses the word ‘über’ a lot and we already had the idea of doing something with him through Rockers Hardware”

ÃœBER and Rocker products

They sure have some heavy hitters in the two team, just check out the pros and believe me, I’ve seen the ams skate and they are way up there on the level scale as well. All in all a very down-to-earth bunch of guys completely dedicated to skating and supporting skateboarding itself who are working hard on building skate teams that will get a lot of notice in the future – watch out for them!

PRO: Willow / Jo Lorenz / Soy Panday / Julian Furones
AM: Limbo / Max Prause / Nino Ullmann / Simon Schulz / Sebastian Witt / Christian Krause / Maxim Rosenbauer and introducing: Denny Pham!
Flow: Julien Budnik

ÃœBER Skateboards TEAM :
– Christian Krause
– Simon Schulz
– Mack McKelton
– Valeri Rosomako
. . . still building
La Familia :
Max Prause
Flow :
Felix Lensing ,Kenny Hopf ,Philip Tittelbach

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