Tampa Am 2009 Contest Results Are In…

Tampa Am 2009 Contest Results Are In...

A bit later than I planned but yeah, it’s the old story of the week with me with Mr. Swine Flu knocking on the door…the 16th Annual Tampa Am contest took place this past weekend and a lot of great skating was seen, also thanks to the guys over at Fuel.tv for the live webcast. And what a mad result came out: Luan de Oliveira (skates for Flip, Globe, Volcom, Flip Wheels, Matriz Skate Shop) out of Brazil is the first skater to win the contest 2 years in a row, back-to-back everybody with over 200 other skaters competing against each other. Congratulations Luan! Catch some of the of the finals action from all of the top riders in the following video – my personal favorite is Ben Hatchell with speed and an awesome mixture of tricks – good skating!

Final Results
1. Luan De Oliveira
2. Ben Hatchell
3. Nick Tucker
4. Jack Olson
5. Chris Mendes
6. Felipe Gustavo
7. Ron Deily
8. Shawn Hale
9. Mark Suciu
10. Clint Walker
11. Adrien Bulard
12. Kevin Romar

Independent Truck Co. Best Trick
1. Matt Berger – Backside 180 switch front crook to fakie flip out on the ledge
2. Dan Plunkett – Ollie up, gap to lip on the rail
3. Chris Mendes – 360 flip nose manual, nollie heelflip out
4. Gilbert Crockett – Kickflip back smith up the big part of the granite ledge
5. Daniel Rodriguez – Nollie hard flip feeble grind on the rail

CCS High Ollie
Luis Tolentino 44.5 inches – Ties Official World Record Height!

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