Tampa Pro 2008 contest results in the house

Tampa Pro 2008

The Tampa Pro 2008 contest is a wrap and I have to admit, I even missed the webcast yesterday doing more fun things like skating, messing my back up and drinking to block the pain…didn’t really work and luckily the guys from 411 Video magazine and Skatedaily.net have put up the results with some pictures and videos as well.

Something that doesn’t exactly in my opinion have anything to do with the contest directly is the fact that Antwan Dixon was put behind bars for several offences which are all freely available on the Internet, check it right here…no way and I don’t think it’s good to be able get this type of info. It’s his life but the fact that anybody gets to read this, now that’s fucked up if you ask me. I live in Germany and I was a bit too young when I left the States to get arrested so I had/have no idea how that works and I really don’t want to find out. But talk about walking all over your rights as a citizen to freedom and privacy. Surely not the best way to spend a contest weekend but why should everybody know what happened? Beats me, hope you get off the hook Antwan.

So to get back to the real story, here are the results from Tampa Pro 2008 contest (with the Am Vert contest as well, check out the winner video on 411’s website. Ben Hatchell already got second place earlier this year at the Tampa Am street contest and showed off his skateboarding skills in the halfpipe as well!)

Street results

1. Greg Lutzka $20,000
2. John Rattray $15,000
3. Mike Peterson $10,000
4. Matt Beach $5000
5. Ryan Sheckler $4000
6. Kyle Berard $3000
7. Danny Fuenzalida $2000
8. Eric Koston $1750
9. Dennis Busenitz $1500
10. Stefan Janoski $1250
11. Chad Fernandez $1000
12. Shuriken Shannon $1000

Street Best Trick
1. Adam Dyet – Nollie Cab heel boardslide $3000

Pro Vert results
1. Pierre Luc Gagnon
2. Danny Mayer
3. Buster Halterman
4. Adam Taylor
5. Neal Hendrix
6. Jussi Korhonen

Am Vert results
1. Ben Hatchell
2. Pedro Barros
3. Ronaldo Gomes
4. Sam Beckett
5. Martin Andre

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