Tampa Pro 2011 Results And Videos

I have actually been following what is happening in Japan in the last few days so i just haven’t been up with the skateboarding news…I guess most of you can agree that some things in life are even more important than our pleasure on a board.

Nevertheless let me get back to updating you all about the Tampa Pro 2011 so here are the results and some videos to go with them – way to go Dennis Busenitz, a skater who always skates fast, powerful and with some good tech!

Pro Street Results

1. Dennis Busenitz
2. Nyjah Huston
3. Torey Pudwill
4. Shane O’Neill
5. Luan Oliveira
6. Paul Rodriguez
7. Chaz Ortiz
8. Zered Bassett
9. Eric Koston
10. Ryan Decenzo

Dennis Busenitz Tampa Pro 2011 Winning Run

And here’s a full video edit in order of appearance: Chris Troy, Jereme Rogers, Ryan Decenzo, Eric Koston, Zered Bassett, Chaz Ortiz, Paul Rodriguez, Luan Oliveira, Shane O’Neill, Torey Pudwill, Nyjah Huston, and Dennis Busenitz.

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