The 2009 SLAM Deck Guide

The 2009 SLAM Deck Guide

For me, it doesn’t matter really what graphics are the bottom of the board as long as the board itself suits my personal taste and feel for a board. But if I have a choice and you should usually, then I’d of course be picking that deck with graphics I like the most.

The good thing about skateboarding growing so big is that the amount of new board graphics and really quality design keeps growing as well. SLAM Skateboarding Magazine has put together a 2009 deck guide with a selection of decks for us to check out. Sure, it’s not all of them but it is good for a quick overview…Roger Skateboards and the ghost with a boner is absolutely a classic design. What an idea 🙂 Click on the pic to head on over to the deck guide

check out the 2009 decks - click here!
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