The 2009 Vans European Downtown Showdown results

The show which took place during the 2009 Vans European Downtown Showdown was great to watch, what a location to make it all happen and just a great idea for a competition…videos will be coming but for now we’ll all have to be happy with the results, congrats to the Element team!

And the final results are:

Team 1st EUR 15,000 – Element
Team 2nd EUR 10,000 РClich̩
Team 3rd EUR 5,000 – Alai

Fiat Freestyle Team Best Trick/Best Slam Prize – EUR 1,000 – Danny Brady

Heroin Obstacle 1st EUR 1,500 – Javier Menizabal
Heroin Obstacle 2nd EUR 1,000 – Chris Ault
Heroin Obstacle 3rd EUR 800 – Alain Saavedra

Clich̩ Obstacle 1st EUR 1,500 РChris Ault
Clich̩ Obstacle 2nd EUR 1,000 РMadars Apse
Clich̩ Obstacle 3rd EUR 800 РIngacio Morata

Blueprint Obstacle 1st EUR 1,500 – Jerome Campbell
Blueprint Obstacle 2nd EUR 1,000 – Lucas Puig
Blueprint Obstacle 3rd EUR 800 – Nick Jensen

Best AM EUR 4,000 – Philippe Zwijsen
Best PRO EUR 6,000 – Javier Menizabal

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