The Battle At The Berrics continues…

Battle At The Berrics continues...

I wasn’t too impressed at the beginning when the Berrics skatepark opened it’s doors to the internet community – another warehouse with obstacles owned by pro skaters. Okay, it can be fun to watch but you’ve seen real good skaters skating warehouses before haven’t you?

But I’m not into being negative and dissing stuff just to grab some attention for myself or the Europeskate site. That’s not why I like skateboarding, I respect anybody who puts in a lot of effort and sweat into doing something well, especially skateboard related stuff.

The Battle at the Berrics is a known concept for skaters but again, we all can watch when damn good riders go one on one against each other to see who makes it to the next round in this Game of S.K.A.T.E. And the rounds are top class – the latest rounds include Steve Berra vs Chris Roberts and Eric Koston vs Rob Dyrdek. I’m not saying who won: watch and enjoy the talent!

Steve Berra vs Chris Roberts
Eric Koston vs Rob Dyrdek
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