The Battle At The Berrics final call!

The Battle At The Berrics Finals!

The Battle At The Berrics has finally come to an end after almost one year of flat skill testing and nail-biting drama – okay, let’s not overdue it with the descriptions but I guess you can agree with me on the fact that this was one of the funnest Game of SKATEs ever to watch. Sure did help with the names behind the game.

Check out the seminfinals and of course the finals video – oh darn, I’m going to do it again but it doesn’t really matter – Mike Mo was the winner of the contest and took home 10 grand in US currency. Is that really worth that much any more *hehe* ? Check out the videos right here:

Battle At The Berrics Semi Finals: Mike Mo Vs Billy Marks
Battle At The Berrics Semi Finals: PJ Ladd Vs Benny Fairfax
Battle At The Berrics The Finals: Mike Mo Vs Benny Fairfax
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