The Berlin Clash 2010 Skateboard Contest Results And Video Clips

The Berlin Clash 2010 Skateboard Contest Results And Video Clips

Berlin, Germany was the target of skaters around Europe just this past weekend as the Skatehalle Berlin hosted along with Relentless Energy the Clash 2010 street and bowl contest. Some of the top names from the past weren’t present this year ( Jürgen Horrwarth, Dennis Busenitz and last year’s winner Bastien Salabanzi ) but the list of skaters particpating still had it’s share of top names including tech wizard Chris Haslam, Tom Penny, new Flip amateur Andrew Langi, Vince del Valle, Yannick Schall, Thomas Weber, Alex Mizurov, Lem Vilemin, the man of the moment Youness Amrani and one of my personal favorites out my town of Hamburg: Michi van Fintel.

After all of the madness of a contest weekend with the crash-inflicted injuries, last year’s third place holder Thomas Weber came out on top of the street contest. Check out the results right here push the video clips from this weekend!

Highlights from Sunday’s Clash 2010

Highlights from the Death or Glory Bowl Jam

Highlights from Saturday’s Clash 2010
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