The Berrics skate park gets a social network

The Berrics skatepark gets a social network

Most likely if you check the internet for updates and news from the skateboarding circus, you will have stopped by The Berrics skatepark website, the park owned and run by Steve Berra and Eric Koston.

To make the “experience” (what is that anyway? So you are cruising the interweb and reading sites – I guess one could call that an experience..) more attractive for readers and users of the site, a social network site has been made available where you can sign up, create your personal profile, start your own blog and leave some messages for other skaters. So if you always wanted to send Eric Koston or Mike Vallely or Steve Berra or anyone else in the Berrics army, now’s your chance to do it.

The Berrics skatepark website
– The Berrics social network site

The Berric social networking site

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