The Big Push 2009 – All Videos Right Here

The Big Push 2009 - All Videos Right Here

Some comments have been coming in, asking just about if I have been sleeping while the Big Push 2009 has been all over the media. Easy answer – no, I wasn’t sleeping 🙂 I’ve been reading the Sidewalk Skateboard Mag, watching videos and just enjoying it while thinking for myself: who am I going to vote for. Six teams involved, the judges points are in and now it’s up to us to help decide which team wins fame and fortune. What was the difference to last year?

a) Each team was allocated a specific geographic area – hopefully meaning less repeated spots and a more comprehensive sessioning of the country.

b) Each team were set regional specific tasks – i.e. everyone doing certain tricks at certain spots, set concrete parks to visit and film a line at, obscure trick list to fill out and, most importantly NBD challenges at one iconic spot per area.

c) This year the winner will be chosen 50% through online voting and 50% through points garnered through completion of set tasks.

That’s all folks – voting will close on December 10th 2009 and for all of those who don’t have a copy of the latest Sidewalk Skateboard Magazine, I’ve added all of the videos in here (thanks to – 6 videos to choose from. The link to the voting page is after all of the videos, click on the following link to watch all of the videos!

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» Don’t forget to vote – click here for the Big Push 2009 website!

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