The Brotherhood Plaza in Stockholm, Sweden

Brotherhood Plaza project in Stockholm Sweden

It is great to see how certain governments and the skaters living in these countries can work together to push skateboarding and support it in a good way for everybody involved. The Brotherhood Plaza is the first big skate plaza plaza project in Sweden with more than 20000 square feet of asphalt, grass gaps, bushes, trees, curbs, banks and hips that do not at all look like your average skatepark, more like real suburb or small town street spots.

Brotherhood and Stockholm city are planning to keep adding new spots to the plaza as soon as it can be funded. The goal for all spots is to disguise them as real street spots, to make pics or video shots taken there look more like street than skatepark and to add to the feeling when skating there.

the Brotherhood Plaza

As of now there are 20 times as many spots that has been drawn than the once that has been built, due to funding. The goal is to raise about $1.000.000 to $4.000.000 and meanwhile the skaters has ambitions to build more spots themselves.

Brotherhood Plaza welcomes media partners and sponsors. Lodging might be offered to teams that want to demo the plaza. Due to the Swedish weather its best to skate the plaza from late april to early october unless you want cold weather like on most photos shown here.

More information and videoclips/photos:
For questions about lodging/sponsorship/demos contact David Krug, phone +46 (0)8 70 20 444 or plaza AT

skating the hip


Get straight on the green subway line to Skarpnäck from the Stockholm City T-central. Go to the last subway stop Skarpnäck (less than 20 minuite ride). When you come out of the only exit of the Skarpnäck subway stop just turn 90 degrees to the left and walk straight for one minuite and you will be on Brotherhood Plaza. Also see the map on

While walking to the plaza you will pass a well known little curb called the Skarpnäck curb. Skarpnäck also has Stockholms widest outdoor miniramp (about 5-6 feet high and maybe 25-30 feet wide).

Map links (choose the one you like best):

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