The Clash 2011 Video Summaries From Berlin

Almost a week has gone by after the Clash 2011 contest went down in Berlin, Germany which had a great vibe to it and loads of great skaters who turned up for the weekend. Three disciplines took place: street, vert and bowl so everybody got what they wanted to see and/or skate. Check out the summary clips with just a bit of the mad action which took place.

Street Results:
1. Axel Cruysberghs (BEL)
2. Louie Lopez (USA)
3. Lem Villemin (GER)
4. Curren Caples (USA)
5. Andy Welther (GER)
6. Lennie Burmeister (GER)
7. Louis Taubert (GER)
8. Albert Nyberg (SWE)
9. Maxime Genin (FRA)
10. Neil Smith (GBR)

Death or Glory Bowl Jam Results:
1. Cur ren Caples (USA)
2. Jürgen Horrwarth (GER)
3. Julien Benoliel (ITA)
4. Martin Jurasik (CZE)
5. Ivan Federico (ITL)
6. Axel Cruysberghs (BEL)
7. Mickey Iglesias (SUI)
8. Robin Mentrup (GER)
9. Ferrit Batir (AUT)

Vert Jam Results:
1. Ren ton Millar (AUS)
2. Jürgen Horrwarth (GER)
3. Jussi Korhonen (GBR)
4. Sam Beckett (GBR)
5. Pontus Björn (SWE)
6. Sam Bosworth (GBR)

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