Europeskate Skateboard Books – The Concrete Wave: The History of Skateboarding

Forty years after its birth on the streets and in the empty swimming pools of California, skateboarding has become a legitimate sport. Legend Tony Hawk has graced a “Got Milk?” ad, and skate parks are popping up in landlocked middle America. Although Michael Brooke, a “skategeezer” and member of Toronto’s Metro Longboarders, wrote this book “The Concrete Wave: The History of Skateboarding” for skateboarding’s retired, active, and future practitioners, any sports fan will enjoy this colorful crash course. After a brief prehistory, readers ride four “waves” from 1959 to the present. Within each, Brooke features skateboarding’s inventors, investors, stars, companies, media, and technological advances in a magazine-like layout. Best of all are the anecdotes (e.g., Bob Schmidt’s “The Day They Invented Skateboarding”) by skateboarders which originally appeared on Brooke’s Skategeezer home page. A four-part appendix lists skate pros, movies, competitions, and parks. A high-speed treat, even for the gravitationally challenged.

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