The CPH Pro 2009 contest results!

The CPH Pro 2009 contest results!

Yet another contest weekend comes to an end and it seems Copenhagen left it’s footprint behind on many skater and spectator. Killian Heuberger will remember his tough slam, that’s for sure so word up for him. I personally liked the look of the course which is tighter than many other street courses I’ve seen thus making it more fun to watch as the skaters were forced to try different looking lines. And the webcasts throughout the weekend were perfect, big thanks goes out to DVS for that as well.

And the results are:

1. Torey Pudwill
2. Eric Koston
3. Eero Antilla
4. Zered Bassett
5. Kerry Getz
6. Neverton Gasella
7.Daniel Viera
8. Phil Zwijsen
9. Klaus Bohms
10. Chris Aström
11. Matt Beach
12. Killian Heuberger

Best trick over the green box (watch the videos and know what is meant!):

1. Torey Pudwill – frontside kickflip over the box
2. Neverton Gasella – kickflip bs nosebluntslide
3. Carlos Riberiro – backsmith to fs 180 out
4. Elton Melonio – impossible lipslide
5. Alexandre Masotti – nollie heelflip tailslide to fakie

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