The Crossfire 2008 Halloween Massacre party!

The Crossfire 2008 Halloween Massacre party!

The guys over at Caught in the Crossfire website are up to organizing another big party event, this time for good old Halloween and it’s going by the name “The Crossfire 2008 Halloween Massacre“. So mark up November 1st, 2008 in your calendar as you won’t want to miss it!

And this is definitely going to be more than just another party. They have hooked up with Kerrang, etnies and Sidewalk Magazine to put together one hell of an evening. Fancy dress is of course abligatory and get your party boots on for 8 hours of fun. And just adding the cheery to the top of this cake, a 32′ mini ramp jam with special guest pro skateboarders from around Europe will be taking place starting at 8:30!

Make sure you get an earlybird ticket – there is NO guest list – they cost £12.50 and I’m sure they are worth every penny!

The Crossfire 2008 Halloween Massacre flyer
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