The Damn Am Atlanta 2012 Final Results And Video

As promised I’m getting the site rebuilt in the next couple of days and the latest skateboard contests and events will finally get their spot in here again. At least you can check out the latest results which include the Damn Am Atlanta 2012 contest finals video which saw Texas man Auby Taylor skate firmly to win the event. Chicago’s Corey Click won the Skullcandy Best Trick contest with a kickflip back noseblunt slide.

Damn Am Atlanta 2012 Final Results
1. Auby Taylor
2. Dan Corrigan
3. Yonnie Cruz
4. Luke Hampton
5. John Hill
6. Ryan Cooper
7. Curren Caples
8. Alec Majerus
9. Dalton Dern
10. Jereme Knibbs
11. Connor Champion
12. Justin Vinson

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