The DC Shoes Wildcard Session in Hamburg, Germany

After a rained out Saturday event, the DC Wildcard Session took place in Hamburg, Germany to see which three skaters would win the ticket to the Red Bull Bomb The Line event.

Three 30 minute heats took place with 30 skaters battling it out for the wildcards for the Red Bull Bomb the Line 2013 which will happen July 3rd in Berlin. After the dust settled Vladik Scholz, Louis Taubert and Dardan Sabovic won their way to Berlin with some fast, stylish and consistent skating.

Top 3 lines:
1. Vladik Scholz | frontside bluntslide (hubba), frontside smith grind (flatrail), nollie backside 180 heelflip (stairs/8 steps)
2. Louis Taubert | backside smith grind (hubba), bigspin frontside bluntslide (flatrail), 360 flip (stairs/8 steps)
3. Dardan Sabovic | backside 180 fakie nosegrind (hubba), switch frontside boardslide (flatrail), fakie flip (stairs/8 steps)

Here are the dates for the next German DC Wildcard Sessions 2013:
Solingen // June 9th 2013
Stuttgart // June 22nd 2013

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