The Europeskate Vert Skateboarding Week With A Vert Trick Dictionary

Rise and shine everybody as it’s Friday, the first day of the Vert Attack VII contest in Malmö, Sweden and I’m continuing to celebrate vert skateboarding with the “Europeskate Vert Skateboarding Week” and videos to keep us all wanting to get some vert riding done. As I’m ‘stuck’ in Hamburg, I’ll try at least to get a ride in this afternoon on the vert ramp before dedicating my time to watch the live webcast this afternoon.

This video clip features Tony Hawk, Jesse Fritsch and Mathias Ringstrom gives everybody the chance to brush up on their vert skateboard trick vocabulary so you can watch the live Vert Attack VII webcast (head over to to watch it for two days straight!) and actually know what they are doing!

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