The Gyppo Army bringing out skate decks in the UK

Gyppo Army brings our skate decks

Last week Kev McKeon got in contact with me to let me (and you) know about a new skateboard company he’s started going by the name of “The Gyppo Army” which will be distributed in the UK by Power Distribution. If you follow skateboarding in the UK then you have heard about the Gyppo Army team as they have been mixing up the scene for quite some time. The team will consist of Kev McKeon, Aaron Sweeney, Doug Parmiter and Momo Linier (France).

Gyppo Army Bush deck
Gyppo Army team skate deck

In addition to that Doug Parmiter, Aaron Sweeney and Kev McKeon have just got on ACE trucks in the UK. They’ll also be doing a demo in association with Nueu at Revolution Skatepark in Broadstairs, Kent on the 16th of March from 12-4pm (take a look at the flyer below). The whole Gyppo Army team will be there as well as confirmed Nueu riders Olly Tyreman and Rob Smith. And hold your horses, they are not satisfied with that, they are also planning to hit Bilbao at the beginning of March, then head on over to Ireland for the Van City tour and then somehow get over to Belgium for some concrete ripping! Busy skaters just like it should be. And it goes to show that you can do it even if you’re not loaded with wads of cash. Here’s how Kev describes the team:

“Gyppo Army started off as a crew of friends getting cheap ryanair flights and coaches throughout Europe so that we could skate as many new spots and parks as we could. After getting a bit of cash together and coming up with a few ideas Kev and Aaron dropped both of their board sponsors and decided to start up a board company. At the moment the “team” consists of Aaron Sweeney, Kev McKeon, Doug Parmiter and Momo Linier based in Marseille, France. They are also distributed by Power Distribution in the UK. Although Gyppo Army is now a skateboard company, we’re not going to change anything about the way we skate or who we skate with, just keeping it fun and always travelling to new places like we’ve been doing since we were kids.”

Get your hands on a board and give these guys your support. Sounds to me like a fun bunch to hang and session with. And to keep up with the team check out their blog site here:

Gyppo Army Nueu skate demo
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