The Malmö Ultra Bowl II Pool Results

The Malmö Ultra Bowl II Pool Results

The Malmö Ultra Bowl II Pool Results

Tons of great skaters, a cool pool and a big mix of weatehr which worked out in the end made the Ultra Bowl II contest in Malmö, Sweden yet again a big success. Check out who made what position and we’ll be adding in more videos soon, here’s one from the Master’s Division – Heat 1:

Pro Division:
1. Kevin Kowalski – USA
2. Josh Mattson – USA
3. Benji Galloway – USA
4. Ben Rayborne – USA
5. Cody Lockwood – USA
6. Josh Sandoval – USA
7. Steven Reeves – USA

Masters Division:
1. Jason Parks – USA
2. Nicky Guerrero – USA
3. Lester Kasai – USA
4. Jocke Olsson – SWE
5. Jan Loftén – SWE
6. Anders Tellen – GER

Ladies Division:
1. Annie Guglia – CAN
2. Kristin Ebeling – USA
3. Lois Pendlebury – UK
4. Emma Lindgren – Malmö
5. Renata Ruiz Hermodz – MEX
6. Eloise Thérorêt – CAN

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