The Maloof Money Cup – serious business or fun?

The Maloof Money Cup

The Maloof Money Cup has turned quiet a few heads in the last two years with the announcement of the largest cash prize purse in the history of skateboard contest up for grabs – an insane amount of $450,000 will be split between the skaters participating. And the list of skaters is long and well known. Well, if I was skating at that level I probably wouldn’t mind having a go!

The street course has now been made public and the media attention is growing daily (CBS will be televising the event by the way) which will push this contest into the league of the X-Games and most likely even beyond. Transworld Skateboarding went straight to the source, Joe Maloof, owner of the Sacremento Kings and the Palms Hotel and online casinos österreich, to find out what drives a man who had nothing to do with skateboarding to organise an event of this size and dimension. Read the interview right here.

Here’s the list of skaters involved July 11th-13th in Orange County, California. Sure wish I could be there *sniff,moan*…

– keep up to date at the The Maloof Money Cup website


Jake Duncombe
Nick Dompierre
Chris Cole
Paul Rodriguez
Jereme Rogers
Billy Marks
Rick McCrank
Erik Ellington
Greg Lutzka
Alex Mizurov
Brandon Biebel
Leo Romero
Ryan Sheckler
Tommy Sandoval
Eric Koston
Chris Haslam
Sierra Fellers
Corey Duffel
Ronnie Creager
Andrew Reynolds
Bryan Herman
Rob Dyrdek
Mark Appleyard
Dennis Busenitz


Jake Brown
Pierre Luc Gagnon
Sandro Dias
Bucky Lasek
Bob Burnquist
Alex Perelson
Buster Halterman
Danny Mayer
Rune Glifberg
Rob Loriface
Andy MacDonald
Neal Hendrix
Jean Postec


Lorena Lima
Lacey Baker
Rachel Reinhard
Evelien Bouilliart
Vanessa Torres
Lauren Perkins
Elissa Steamer

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