The Marble Ledges Session during the BRIGHT tradeshow

Place The Marble Ledges Session

‘Place’ is one of the newest skateboard magazines to hit the German market, starting out earlier this year and working hard on producing a steady information source with several dvds produced in the short amount of time as well.

To continue supporting the skateboarding scene, Place has organized “The Marble Ledges Session’ this coming Friday, July 11th, starting at 18:30 during the BRIGHT tradeshow at Frankfurt’s secret skate spot (as they call it) which goes by the name “Gheddo Spot” – watch out for gangs, flying knives and bullets I guess. More likely a hoard of fun-loving skaters getting to work on three marble ledges which were built just for the contest and these will be donated to the locals after the contest. Sweet!

To enter you need to pay 2,50 Euro which is the equivalent of one bag of cement. The contest lasts two hours and the winner is voted on by the skaters and gets 1000 Euros cash…not bad indeed. And your footage will be shown on the next magazine DVD.

Check the Place website, some pretty good videos in there as well!

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