The Stockholm 2008 Quiksilver Vert results are in…

The Stockholm 2008 Quiksilver Vert results are in...

Vert skating is still going very strong in Scandinavia and this past weekend another episode of the Quiksilver Vert Invitational was held at the Stockholm Skatepark with a solid backing of good skaters. Hope to get up there next year as the whole concept just looks like a lot of fun and less competition!

the lucky top three winners
Special thanks to the photographer Denis Sopovic and

There’s some video footage as well so click here to get around 30 minutes of the action!

Final Results
1. Jussi Korhonen
2. Pontus Björn
3. Stephen White
4. Bob Joosten
5. Macki Chounouzidis
6. Oscar Gydell
7. Mika Löfgren
8. Peter Linell/Jon Harald Aspheim
10. Simon Karlsson
11. Miko Kottilla
12. Andre Böhlin
13. Daniel Chettle

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