The story behind the end of Skateboarder Magazine

I had to digest this news first before writing about it. As I’m running a large project currently – The United Skateboard Photography Project – which needs the financial support through the skateboard community to make the printed book happen, I can fully feel how a magazine like Skateboarder Magazine had to struggle to keep things moving.

Watch the video to listen to Norb Garrett’s version of why the Skateboarder Magazine has to close shop, but am I just being naive or is there really something going wrong in skateboarding these days? Huge competitions are being held, large corporations (I’m not even talking about the big skateboard companies now…) are throwing out huge sums for a day long session in some exotic spot on this planet and a magazine with a long history and respected name has to stop printing. Was skateboarding ever suppossed to grow into these dimensions with skaters earning 150,000 dollars for one contest, holding parties with so-called celebrities to kick-off a new brand for some “elite” skaters, splitting skaters into different groups of people?

I really don’t know – luckily, we all can still escape this mess and just go for a skate and enjoy that deck, two trucks and four wheels. Still a sad story with the Skateboard Magazine…

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