The Strongest of the Strange video from Pontus Alv

The Strongest of the Strange

Who says that only the newest skateboard videos can/should show up here…the Strongest of the Strange from Pontus Alv is a mix of filming from 2002 to 2005 stuffed with a great mix of terrains to make sure that this quite long movie doesn’t get boring for us (it’s over an hour long). Good to see the Steppe Side bowl, earlier named the Savanna Side Bowl in Malmö, Sweden which has been torn done twice already and some suspect the local city officials. Boy oh boy, they really must be bored or just plain jealous that their life sucks to go out and tear down a concrete bowl that doesn’t bother anybody. So be it, officials can be let’s just say different sometimes…

So if you are like me this weekend (I’ve caught the flu, damn!) then just sit back and enjoy this flick, it’s good stuff!

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