The Swedish Concrete Cup 2010 Kicks Off Today

The Swedish Concrete Cup 2010 Should Start Today

Back from my break from the Europeskate site due to unforeseen piles of work – but now I’m off for a while and it’s time to get this site rocking again. Especially I’ve decided to make sure I include a Lot more of the European news again to keep the name of the site a bit more close to home.

Enough talking: the Swedish “Betongcupen” (Concrete Cup I’m guessing) is supposed to kick off today, May 15th 2010, at the wonderful Sibbarp skateparj in Malmö, Sweden. I heard they may have to postpone it until tomorrow but I’m sure if you are at that corner of the Earth around this time, you’ll know. Take a look after the jump at some pictures and a video of the park!

Check out a few pictures of the well cool D.I.Y. Sibbarp concrete park which is perfect for cruising or getting serious on your board – you decide!

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