The videos keep on flowing…

I always enjoy starting the day off with with new (or old) skateboard videos and the web sure has more than it’s fair share of those. I’ve started using the top space of the site to show off the latest videos and this WILL be a daily update – just needed to get in the flow here. So here are the last three videos that were featured before this morning’s update:

10 tricks with Chad Bartie
– Creature Skateboards welcomes Sean Conover
European Skateboard Championships 2009 intro video

And of course there are three new goodies for this Sunday morning just waiting for for you watch. Right Foot Forward is the latest video effort out of the Transworld Skateboarding media box – here’s a YouTube preview of Matt Beach’s part with loads of smooth and fast skating – watch it here!

Next one up is the never-stopping Mike Vallely who makes it to the rank Battle Commander without 20,000 kickflip variations – yes, I like it and respect for the man. Enjoy watching some creative skateboarding. This is what skating is about for me – not looking the same. Watch it right here…

And last but not least I just had to show you again Bucky Lasek’s backyard killer bowl – this is just insane and at the same time fantastic – enjoy watching this bowl right here.

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