Theotis Beasley at the Berrics skatepark

Time to return to The Berric’s, Steve Berra’s and Eric Koston’s skatepark ( if you didn’t know yet 🙂 ) and they have been busy as usual. Well what do you expect actually, them not skating their private park?? Of course not.

Their latest recruit, Theotis Beasley, has got some smart footage up on the site currently. He is one good tech skater, packing out loads of different flip, manual, 360 trick in the book and more on top with some of the most perfect and non-sketchy landings I’ve seen. A kid to watch – yet again. Ummmm, that’s probably why he’s the recruit of the day, right?

Find out more about Theotis in this interview over on the Active Ride Shop website and click on the picture below to watch his slick video part at The Berrics….and while you are at the site, check out the many other videos. Steve Berra is still ripping it very well is all I can say.

Theotis Beasley

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