Think Skateboards, Adrian Williams, Aces High and Britney Spears

Think Skateboards are on the skateboarding news airwaves these days with their newest pro Adrian Williams (Think, Circa, Grind King, FTC, LRG, Autobahn) being pushed like crazy along with the great am skater Manny Santiago in the “Aces Wild” video on their site. Adrian has a great flow in his skating making everything look damn easy and good. Check out what else Think is up to right now…

The “Aces Wild” video is up on the Think Skateboards site so make sure you get over there to watch this good footage. Sure makes me want to go out and do some manuals. To find out more about who Adrian Williams is, drop on by Thrasher magazine’s website as they just put an interview with the man originally from AQnchorage, Alaska (yeah, we all though we had problems finding a place to skate!). And before you go check out some of the Britney Spears graphics they are bringing out real soon in two sizes (7.6875 x 31.3125 and 8 x 31.375)

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