Thrasher and Globe present Slaughter At The Opera contest

Thrasher and Globe present Slaughter At The Opera

Another legendary skate contest / session going to take place? Sure looks like it when Thrasher and Globe hook up March 1st, 2008 to hold the “Slaughter At The Opera” with specific, perfect recreations of the Outback [El Segundo] and UCI [University of California, Irvine] rails built in a line. It is an invite only contest with a list of confirmed pros too long to list right here (oh what the heck, here they are: Stefan Janoski,Eric Koston,Rick McCrank,Nick Dompierre,Jereme Rogers,Justin Eldridge,Ryan Sheckler,Jake Duncombe,Tony Tave,Lizard King,Brandon Biebel,Luan de Oliveira,Darrell Stanton,Chris Haslam,Devine Calloway,Mark Appleyard,Cale Nuske,David Gonzalez,Paul Rodriguez,Andrew Brophy,Chad Bartie,Sierra Fellers,Sean Malto,Mike Mo Capaldi,Adam Dyet,Dennis Durant,Brad Staba,Greg Lutzka,Paul Machnau,Justin Brock,Peter Ramondetta,Alex Olson,Ryan DeCenzo,Chima Ferguson,Brian Anderson,Omar Salazar,Lewis Marnell,Matt Mumford,Tommy Fynn…find somebody you know *hehe*?)

Oh yeah, and there are $50,000 cash up for grabs, just thought I’d mention that small fact on the side…

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