Thrasher King Of The Road 2007 results!

In it’s fifth (can I count? let me know!) year running Thrasher had invited teams of skater’s from 4 different companies to compete against each other in a grueling battle for the title King of the Road.

After two long weeks on the road, the 2007 King of the Road came to an end this past weekend. All four teams came together at Jamie Thomas’ Black Box for four last challenges. Afterwards the tapes were handed in and the points were counted to declare the winner. And this years’s winner isssssssss….

Here’s the winner results:

1. Blind
2. Foundation
3. Black Label
4. Zoo York

Surviving the two weeks was a good reason to let it all out at the House of Blues as the bands Bad Shit and Nihilist helped the drunken dance a few steps. Stay tuned for the video and magazine celebrating all the action coming out surely pretty soon! Get more news about the whole action over at Thrasher’s site.

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