Thrasher Magazine interviews Duane Peters

Thrasher Magazine interviews Duane Peters

Duane Peters represents several decades of skateboarding, punk rock and living on the edge. He’s been clinically dead twice in his life, he’s invented more tricks than a lot of skaters actually have in their bag of tricks ( I just found out that he is the guy behind the indy air, yeah! My favorite trick! ) and he’s been skating longer than most of you who are reading this have been on this planet.

Thrasher Magazine has put together a 5 part online video interview with this amazing personality so follow the links below to find out more about Duane Peters. I also included a video from 1979 with Duane ripping a pool…let the date sink in…1979 people….

Thrasher interview links with Duane Peters:

Part 1: The first of a five part Duane Peters interview filmed by Lance Conklin in which The Master of Disaster talks art and being in a band on the road.
Part 2: In part two of Lance Conklin’s interview with Duane Peters, Duane talks about Jerry Only of the Misfits and how he wore out the term “Thanks for coming out…”
Part 3: In part 3 of the Duane Peters interview, he talks about Australian style, the internet, and how Los Angeles drove him South.
Part 4: Duane heats it up in part four of his 5-part interview. Filmed by Lance Conklin
Part 5: They say all good things must come to an end, and with that I give you the concluding part of the Duane Peters interview.

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