Thrasher Skater Of The Year 2009 Is Announced!

Thrasher Skater Of The Year 2009 Is Announced!

I decided this year to wait with any posting about the Thrasher Magazine Skater Of The Year 2009 award until the actual announcement was made – I mean, we could all guess but the actual decision is made somewhere else. And this year’s winner is in some ways a surprise and NOT a surprise.

Chris Cole is the second skater ever to take home the award twice (he was Skater Of The Year in 2005) and to be honest, he does skate at another level as well. He has been super busy, winning contests (Wallenberg, Maloof Money Cup and The Battle At The Berrics 2), putting together video parts (Zero Skateboards “Strange World”), basically being incredibly productive while at the same time showing the amazing skill and control he has with his board. All I can say is congratulations for the second award and keep on making us all shaking our heads at the insane tricks you keep landing!

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