Thrasher’s $25,000 Bust or Bail contest

Thrasher's $25,000 Bust or Bail contest

Thrasher Magazine knows how to hold a contest and August 30th, 2008 (High Noon to 1PM—one hour only!) the Bust or Bail contest will be held at the 16-stair spot at the Paul-Revere School in San Francisco, California. To make sure “just a few” good skaters turn up $25,000 dollars in prize money will be up for grabs – $10,000 first place, $7,000 second and $5,000 for third.

Hmmm, wait, that makes $22,000 grand, right? The rest is for miscellaneous stunts (including $1,000 for any woman to ollie the stairs). Sounds like a blast to me!

Committed skaters include:
Andrew Reynolds, Sean Malto, Corey Duffel, David Gravette, Nick Trapasso, Peter Ramondetta, Bryan Herman, Adam Dyet, Lizard King, Ernie Torres, Furby, Sierra Fellers, Dave Bachinsky, Nick Dompierre, Paul Rodriguez, and more…

Here’s the Google Maps view:
Paul Revere Elementary School – 555 Tompkins Ave., San Francisco, CA 94110 (one block south of Cortland on Folsom)***Parking is very limited, public transportation highly encouraged***

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The 16-stairs in question

Thrasher Bust or Bail contest page

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