Thrasher’s new Fall 2008 product lineup

Thrasher's new Fall 2008 product lineup

I’ve always liked putting on some threads from Thrasher, never had much but I do still have a Thrasher hooded seatshirt from all the way back in 1987 or 1988 from the Munster Monster Mastership when I told my parents I was going on a class trip and instead I jumped on a train to travel all across germany to watch the top pros back in the 80’s tearing it up.

Okay, enough of my stories, check out the new products – I especially like the skategoat panties (my wife will get some of these, I even have the same cap.), CRYPTIC by JJ Rudisill T-SHIRT and MxMxM x THRASHER “GRAVEYARD” T-SHIRT.

Check out the new Thrasher products here

new Thrasher tees

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