Three online skateboard magazines I like to read

Online magazines didn’t just start popping up yesterday, they’ve been around for a while now. The entire Internet platform has made it a lot easier though for those willing to invest a large amount of their free time into putting together information, interviews, pictures, media – I could go on for a while but you get the point – etc. to tell a story about a certain part of the world around them they want the world or those reading the article to know more about.

In our world of skateboarding there are many different aspects of the lifestyle we enjoy daily which can be used and formed to deliver an array of absorbing stories. One specific type of magazine which has been enjoying a ever growing following is the Flash flipbook format magazine which allows the reader to virtually flick through a magazine online. Now I personally like to have a magazine in my hand, leave it somewhere in the house where I’ll be able to read it again and again (bathroom or living room are my spots), but of course you won’t be able to keep this mag new. That’s the positive side of these flipbooks or with websites – you can choose between old and new.

Here are three different mags I flip (yeah yeah, pardon the pun!) through quite often and I am always keeping my eyes open for more. The mags I am talking about are System Skateboarding Magazine out of Poland, Tweaker Magazine out of England and Swiftfooted out of Belgium.

System Skateboarding Magazine

System Skateboarding Magazine
This is a relatively new magazine which has arrived at issue 3 coming out in Polish and English so double work for one issue so you can be sure there is a lot of sweat going into this mag to get it done. Mateusz Paszkiewicz is the man behind the scenes and he’s got some questions going his way already to find out how he actually gets a magazine done in this quality. The layout is well thought through, nice sharp pictures and a good variety of stories which make this one good read.

System Skateboard Magazine

Tweaker Zine

Tweaker Zine was called to life in 2007 by a group of guys (Gorm and Paul Gonella) who independently wanted a platform to deliver their impressions of skateboarding, photography and art. The magazine is always a good read and a photographic playground for the senses – just check out the latest cover picture featuring a 360 kickflip in Los Angeles with a lot of leaves – simply good! With loads of guest articles and media and one very special new guy on the board – French himself – this magazine sure leads the pack with it’s journalistic and artistic impressions.

Tweaker Mag
Tweaker blog


Swiftfooted has been around since 2003 starting off under the name Sideway Magazine, putting together news and infos about snowboarding and skateboarding. Along the way the mag changed names to Swiftfooted and concentrated fully on skateboarding and photography. Solid photography mixed with several years of experience in the matter and you get a very entertaining read by the name of Swiftfooted.


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