Tim Brauch documentary video trailer

Tim Brauch is a name that keeps popping up and I’m sure that many of the younger readers here weren’t even old enough to feel ther impression he left on skateboarding back in the 90’s. Tim was an inspirational skater with a ton of energy (that’s where his nickname , ‘Beans’, comes from) and it was always amazing to see any footage he had.

Even sadder was the news back in 1999 when Tim suddenly died of cardiac arrest at only 25 years of age. Since then the Tim Brauch Memorial Fund was started which – in their own words – “has made it it’s purpose of this organization is to promote skateboarding as a safe, healthy, and fun activity, as well as provide cities with money, tools, and knowledge to create proper skateboard parks.This is achieved by suggesting the proper designers, and contractors as well as organizing fund raising activities and distributing those funds, to city groups to aid in the construction cost of building city skate parks that will provide a positive, healthy, and safe venue accessible to all its residents to partake and enjoy in a sport that Tim Brauch dedicated his life to.”

To keep his memory in skateboarding alive an annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest is held (this year September 27th and 28th, the 10th edition) with some of the top names in skateboarding.

Currently a documentary film about Tim is in the works and it is expected to be released in spring of 2009, here’s a trailer to keep the spirit alive.

The Tim Brauch Memorial Fund website

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