Lakai -The Flare

Time Travel With “Lakai – The Flare”

How could anybody forget Lakai’s full-length video “The Flare” from just last year. 63 minutes of total skateboard destruction with a roster of skaters which is incredible: Cody Chapman, Danny Brady, James Capps, Jesus Fernandez, Johnny Jones, Jon Sciano, Mike Carroll, Nico Haraga, Raven Tershy, Rick Howard, Riley Hawk, Sebo Walker, Simon Bannerot, Stevie Perez, Tyler Pacheco, Vincent Alvarez and Yonnie Cruz.

Did I miss any skater? Let me know if did! The man behind the lens was Federico Vitetta and he has been filming videos for 10 years+ already. I really like the edit, the only thing I thought was over the top was the intro – it almost got me sick through dizziness 🙂

So back and enjoy this great video creation, it doesn’t always have to be the latest release to be great! CLICK ON THE GRAPHIC BELOW TO WATCH THE VIDEO…

Lakai - The Flare Movie

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