Tobin Yelland Interview With HUH Magazine

Tobin Yelland Interview With HUH Magazine - skateboard history right here!

Another skateboard photography legend – Tobin Yelland – gets interviewed…

Tobin Yelland is one of those (skateboard) photographers that started back a while ago, I won’t go off on my usual rap about “he was doing it before a lot of you were born”. But he has really been around for quite a while, starting with 14 he took a photography class and a year later he already had a picture in Thrasher magazine. To get your interest a bit higher he worked on the film Beautiful Losers and work for Nike, DVS, DC, Casio, The New York Times, Sony and Vans. HUH Magazine caught up with Tobin to find out more about how he ticks, good interview so check it out!

» read it all on the HUH Magazine website
» check out Tobin Yelland’s photography website

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