Top 10 Speed Freaks Skateboarding Videos

Top 10 Speed Freaks Skateboarding Videos

Transworld Skateboarding has put together a really cool list of video clips featuring skaters that love to put speed behind their skateboarding. I mean, what really makes a trick on a board look good? When it’s fast, done stylishly and over a good distance – slow skating just does not look good and you know it. Check out Dennis Busenitz, Tony Trujillo, Anthony Van Engelen, Danny Way, Kris Markovich, John Cardiel, Vincent Alvarez, Emmanuel Guzman, Brandon Westgate and Justin Strubing give us some speed and at the same time a little history lesson with the videos – click here for all ten video clips over on the Transworld Skateboarding website!

Good thing the mentioned Chris Pfanner as missing in this list as he definitely belongs in here! Here’s my favorite from the ten, John Cardiel’s part from TransWorld SKATEboarding’s 12th video, Sight Unseen.

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