Top old school vert video from 1986!

Top old school vert video from 1986!

What a way to start the day with a time warp back to 1986 and a video of Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, Tony Hawk, Claus Grabke, Chris Miller, Lester Kasai, Mike Mcgill and Lance Mountain ripping a vert ramp in the EXPO Radical Moves video. I had just started skating vert and ramps a year before that and Claus Grabke won the first vert contest I had ever seen on the ramp I always skated. Ahhh, memories…over 20 years later and I still skate worse than the skating shown on the video. Well okay, take a look at the names – no shame in that!

The commenting in the video is priceless – Steve Caballero was fined 200 bucks for almost causing a riot *lol* – fantastic!

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