Transworld Skateboarding’s new website design

Transworld Skateboardings new website design

I had been wondering when this was finally going to happen – Transworld Skateboarding has got itself a new website design going, just when my eyes were not scanning the internet but instead enjoying the beach bum life for 10 days. And it is a big difference compared to the old site.

Following the path of many web sites Transworld has embraced the community sharing concept and encorporated it into their site. Stories can be voted on with so called “prop points”, users can upload their own videos and photos, even free classifieds are offered which is actually quite cool, just who has to read through all of them first?

I personally think the site has made a good change over to a much improved user interface with easily found areas and topics of interest. Well done Transworld!

Transworld Skateboarding website

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